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Cooler Homes Have Smarter Glass

Dynamic glass is designed to give you absolute control of your windows.
Unlike traditional panes, dynamic glass uses smart technology to tint and adjust
the light and solar heat coming through your window.



Superior Privacy

Enjoy natural light without compromising privacy. Choose the tint that works best for you.

Light Control

Adjust the amount of sunlight through your window without the need for blinds or shades.

Maintain Outside Views

Keep a clear view of the world outside your home.

Smart-device Connected

Connect our power to your entryway cameras, doorbells, and locks.

Up to 20% Energy Savings

Energy modulation through dynamic solar heat gain, developed with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Virtual Power Plant Community

Join with others on the dynamic glass network to modulate and save energy at the grid-level.


Front Entryway


Picture & Other Home

Revolutionize Your Windows with Dynamic Glass

Upgrade your windows with our cutting-edge technology that provides advanced privacy options, ultimate light control, and maintains indoor/outdoor connection. Our dynamic glass is engineered to meet your modern needs and can be integrated with your favorite electronics, from remote locks to smart home systems.



Visible Transmission

Range within 65 to <2%

Solar Heat Gain

Range from 0.5 to 0.15 depending on IGU glass configuration

Tint Control

Bluetooth mobile app controlled


Low-voltage wiring & controller included,
(<5 volts)

Switching Time

Immediate darkening, ~60 seconds for clear to full tint

Tint Color

Blue or grey


IGU: 10 years

Electronics: 5 years


“I love your glass, it’s like a cool party trick and its green!”
HOMEOWNER – Mandy L. , California

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Cooler Homes Have Smarter Glass