Glass Dyenamics


Cool Glass Changing Global Views

About Glass Dyenamics

There's a reason our view of the world is so different:
We see it through glass that's designed to change it.

Our glass.

For starters, it offers consumers a fundamentally new and advanced user experience. By using a mobile app or a simple dimmer switch, our glass can change color.

And by extension, the color of any indoor environment. All while being the residential industry’s most energy efficient product.

And when we say efficient, we mean it and there’s more. Not only can our glass be used to affect the internal temperature of any room, it comes pre-designed with an end-of-life recycling solution.

But here’s the best part. Because our dynamic glass offers such comprehensive value, it’s amazingly accessible. Which means anyone can be a part of the global clean energy story.

And that’s one story we can’t wait to tell.



We’ve made breakthroughs in fundamental advanced materials technology that create new opportunities to positively affect climate.

For instance, our proprietary multi-colored, UV-stable electrochromic dyes:
  • Curtail solar energy and significantly improve building environmental sustainability.
  • Customize internal reflected color independent from external reflected color.
  • Simplify device construction and assembly processes.

25 Patents

Blazing a new path means creating new ways to get things done. That’s why our technology system, materials, product attributes, and applications have resulted in 25 patents.

150,000 Cycle Durability

We believe in holding ourselves to the highest standard. That’s why our glass is tested under ASTM E-2141 accelerated durability environmental conditions.

25% Absolute Solar Heat Gain Modulation

Proactive peak load management means significant energy bill savings. Designed to modulate around Energy Star regional requirements. It’s like turning out the lights when you leave the house.

How We See The World

Our vision is clear: To give consumers equitable access to clean energy in a way that changes the game. Which is why our glass offers a revolutionary new and advanced user experience.

What you gain:

  • Color control: you can literally see the glass and your room change color.
  • Light Control: you have a new way to utilize light within your built environment.
  • Heat Control: you can affect the internal temperature of your room with glass.
  • Environmental Control: you can rest in easy in the knowledge that your glass was pre-designed with a sustainable end-of-life recycling solution.

What this means for you:

  • Built Environment Daytime Light and View Enhancement: you can more easily design light and inside-to-outside views within your built environment.
  • Daytime Privacy Control: you can control what you (and others) can see.
  • Utility Bill Control: you can manage your monthly utility expenses with dynamic solar heat gain control.
  • Earth Conscious: you can feel good about choosing a system that’s kind to the earth.


Chris Angelo

CEO & Co-founder

Anoop Agrawal

CTO & Co-founder 

John Cronin
VP of Product Development &
Maha Achour


Lori Adams

Senior Manager, Chemistry

Advisory Board Experience